The boat tour of Coron Island was great. There were more tours available to different places, so I considered doing another tour.

But I decided to spend my last full day in Palawan motorbiking around Busuanga Island. After two fun days motorbiking around El Nido, I was eager to get back on a bike.

This time I didn’t hesitate to ride a 125 cc semi-automatic model. I felt confident, and knew the gears were necessary on the dirt roads and hills.

My goal was Ocam Ocam beach, 75 km away. That would make for a 150 km day, or 100 miles! That’s really far, but I didn’t know what I was getting myself into before I set out.

Busuanga Island really feels like an undeveloped frontier. The paved road petered out, and the road became rough gravel, then dirt. It was hard, dusty driving.

It was a long ride to the beach, which was deserted, save for some locals. There are a few bungalows, so it’s possible to stay here. There were no visitors, though. I felt bad for the owners who tried to develop it. There are just so many beaches here, and people just weren’t coming to this one.

This beach had no restaurant, so I went hungry. In fact, there were no restaurants on the entire drive!

Despite the lack of food, this was a fun way to spend a day.

These friendly folks sell bottles of gas.
These friendly folks sell bottles of gas.
Some of the kids at the beach looked happy to see me. Others didn't.
Some of the kids at the beach looked happy to see me. Others didn’t.
Kids playing at the beach.
Kids playing at the beach.
A fun day of dirt biking.
A fun day of dirt biking.
One of the little villages I rode through.
One of the little villages I rode through.
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  1. Hi Terry!
    I have read in some other blogs that Ocam Ocam Beach was sold, so I am afraid to get there and find that the small cheap bungalows are not there anymore. I saw you wrote you post in Juni 2015, is this also the date you have been there? In this case I will assume it still open, so I still may have some luck 🙂

  2. Wow, Ocam Ocam was sold? I was there in January 2015, and there were no signs of development at that time. It’s pretty easy to get there on your own via rented motorbike. You could ask around in Coron town if there’s still places to stay there.

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