I want to share some photos of another beautiful temple, but I’m not sure which one it was. There was a sign that saig “Pura Gunung Kawi.”

But I was at Pura Gunung Kawi yesterday, and it was in a different place. Was this a different part of it?

It’s great to have to freedom to drive around by myself on my own scooter. But sometimes I don’t know what I’m looking at, and there’s nobody to explain it to me.

Despite this downside, I’ll still take the freedom of being on my own.

Another water temple?
Another water temple?

Always Know Where You Were, Automatically

There is a way to get around this particular problem: geotaging. Fancy cameras have GPS built in, or there are separate GPS modules available that plug into your camera. Both of these will automatically tag photos with GPS coordinates. Later you can overlay the photos on a map.

I don’t have either of those options, which are expensive but most convenient. The cheap option, which requires a little extra work, is to use an app on your smartphone to record your GPS track. Unfortunately, it burns out the battery in a couple hours, so I don’t use it.

Thus, all my photos are geotagged from my memory. But sometimes, as in this case, I never knew where I was.

It was a really beautiful temple. I was there first thing in the morning, and there was nobody else around.

It was an easy day trip from Ubud. I wish I knew where it was!

A beautiful pond.
A beautiful pond.
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