My epic scooter tour through Flores was exhausting. It was time for some beaches! Now that I was back on Sumbawa, I could visit one.

The Indonesian island of Sumbawa is not popular with tourists. Most are drawn to Bali. A few make it to Lombok. Even fewer go to Flores.

Nobody goes to Sumbawa.

Look at those sick waves in the distance!
Look at those sick waves in the distance!

Except for one type of intrepid traveler: adventurous surfers. Sumbawa is renowned for some of the best breaks in the world. There is Lakey Peak in central Sumbawa near the city of Dompu.

And there are numerous beaches south of the port at Poto Tano. I’d be exploring the latter.

So when I get to the desolate area around the port, instead of riding onto the ferry, I turned south.

The road went on for several hours, and I wasn’t exactly sure where I was going. I was hoping to see signs advertising surf camps.

Even though I was close to some of the best surfing beaches in the world, the road did not follow the coast. It was not that interesting of a drive, passing through some big towns.

Road to the beach.
Road to the beach.

Finally I noticed some shaggy guys driving around with surf boards. I must be in the right place!

It was easy to find the turn-off, and I found a place on Yoyo beach. It’s ridiculously cheap. It’s even cheaper for the surfers, who share rooms.

Food is not expensive either. Spending time at a surfer beach in Sumbawa costs practically nothing.

I explored the beach. It was undeveloped and beautiful. There are only a couple places to stay.

The waves were like nothing I ever saw before. You have to know what you’re doing to surf here.

As beautiful and cheap as Yoyo beach was, it was a bit boring for a non-surfer. I was ready to head out the next morning.

Traffic on the way to the beach.
Traffic on the way to the beach.
Pretty colors.
Pretty colors.
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