The Philippines is famous for its fiestas, and I was hoping I would catch one during my short time here. I got lucky while I was in Vigan, because their fiesta was in progress. I was especially lucky, because a street dancing competition would be taking place on the day I planned to leave. I travel with minimum plans and maximum flexibility exactly for reasons like this. Extending my stay by a day was easy, and didn’t affect my onward plans.

This was a double fiesta. Firstly it was a celebration of the longganisa sausage the town is famous for. Secondly, it the feast of St. Paul the Apostle, the patron saint of the town. The dancers were local kids, dressed up in colorful costumes. Each group had trays with cloth sausages sewn onto them that they would twirl around. One member would prominently display the icon of St. Paul.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t clear where the dancing was going to be, so I wasn’t able to secure a good spot. I didn’t have an obscured view, and most of my photos were no very good. These are the best of the bunch.

Despite not being able to get many good shots of the dancing, and fighting a cold, it was fun to experience my first Filipino fiesta!

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